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Swill #4

250 x 350 mm, 194 pages
Sydney, Australia
First published 2022 
Editor: Myffy Rigby 
Art director: Allie Webb

Swill is a gloriously large-format new magazine about eating, drinking and bar and restaurant culture (and the bright and kooky people behind them and in them). It's also published by a foodie company behind a group of restaurants in Sydney.

The experience of reading through Swill is what'll hook you in — it's almost like watching an episode of David Chang’s (ex-Lucky Peach) Ugly Delicious. Highly visual, full of great characters and captivating, large-format photography and illustration. Their fourth issue is another treat, filled with a food journalist searching for the ultimate menu in a hugely successful manga, difficult to make (but lushly photographed) cakes, an iconic Cantonese spot in Melbourne's Chinatown, and the story behind Our Joint, the diner ran by editor Myffy Rigby's father back in the 70s. Plus, ‘the longest sandwich you're likely to encounter in print’, at the centrefold. Dig in. 

On the Journal
At work with Myffy Rigby: ‘I hope that anyone who picks up the magazine is lost in the world of Swill. We’re here to deliver big, beautiful stories that take the reader slightly out of their comfort zone.’
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