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Swim #3

165 x 240 mm, 234 pages
London, UK
Editor: Daniel Milroy Maher
Art direction & Graphic design: Archie Nock, Samuel White

This issue: Changing Mediums. From photographs by painters to paintings by musicians, this issue showcases work that signifies a shift in an artist’s practice.

Every copy has a uniquely finished front cover design.

On the Journal:
‘Born from ‘a desire to showcase our friends’ work’, Swim does more than just that, offering a space to investigate process too. Fitting then, that page 23 of Swim offers up young artist Marvin Leuvrey, who is working in a space he describes as ‘the intersection of art and technology’. The left-hand page, a block of text, holds plenty of room for Leuvrey to delve into a detailed statement about his work. The behind-the-scenes aspect of Swim is at its heart – unlike other glossy art mags, this one has clarity and accessibility built in.’ Read more

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