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Tank, Vol. 10, #18

230 x 300 mm, 290 pages
London, UK 
Published since 1988
Editor-in-chief: Masoud Golsorkhi
Creative director: Sohrab Golsorkhi-Ainslie
Editor: Thomas Roueché

'Just the ticket. Since 1988'

As Wikipedia dutifully points out, this publication is ‘not to be confused with Tank, the magazine of the Royal Tank Regiment.’ If it's contemporary culture, fashion, art, architecture, technology and politics you're looking for, this would certainly be the version to go for.

Tank has taken many forms and continues to carve a distinctive niche in a crowded genre. Of late, issues have arrived hand-covered in stickers (with more to be found inside). This is the annual travel edition for Winter 2023, themed ‘Tales of the unexpected.’

But the editor's letter diverges from this theme to address the rhinoceros in the room: Israel's bombing of Gaza. Editor-in-chief Masoud Golsorkhi eloquently and sombrely writes about the political and human stakes at play in this conflict, taking inspiration from Eugène Ionesco's 1959 play The Rhinoceros: ‘It is always easy to be wise after the facts. From the vantage point of 1959 the lessons of history were reasonably self-evident and easy to learn. The challenging thing is spotting the slow motion trend towards fascism at close range. The hardest thing of all is investigating a small bump on one's own forehead before it's too late.’

On the Journal:
‘I am not sure if we are academically rigorous. We don’t aim to be academic, we mean to approach fashion as a serious topic in and amongst other serious and interesting ideas. I guess the form of address implies a reader of a certain discernment, education and intellectual aspiration.’ – Masoud Golsorkhi Read more

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