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The Atlantic, May 2024

200 x 265 mm, 106 pages
Washington, US
Founded in 1857
Editor-in-chief: Jeffrey Goldberg
Creative director: Peter Mendelsund

The Atlantic covers a broad range of culturally relevant current affairs, from politics and business to art and the economy. Expect intelligent, engaging deep-dives and creative covers. 

On the cover: 'The Great Serengeti Land Grab: Staff writer Stephanie McCrummen reports from Tanzania on how Gulf princes, wealthy tourists, and conservation groups are displacing the Maasai people.'

On the Journal:
At work with Peter Mendelsund, creative director: ‘I’m sincerely hoping that my ignorance of the magazine medium might allow me (and my partner in crime, Oliver Munday, also a book person), to make something truly unusual. And perhaps, it will help us to make a readerly magazine, which is what I imagine is called for here. I’m hoping.’ READ MORE

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