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The Baffler #70

171 x 242 mm, 138 pages
New York, US
Published six times a year
Editor-in-chief: Matthew Shen Goodman
Editor-at-large: Chris Lehmann
Art director and designer: No Ideas

The Baffler publishes cultural analysis, short stories, poems, art and left-wing political criticism six times a year. This latest edition is themed 'Hell or Las Vegas' and explores the place, symbols and the idea of Las Vegas, baby.

Indulge in all things food and food systems in this issue: a mysterious cult-favourite cookie in the American Midwest, conspiratorial nutrition from ‘tradwives,’ and the dual identity of Margate, both foodie beach destination and working class maritime town. As always, The Baffler bends and flexes with its theme, including broad interpretations of food, its economies, and its social impact. Dig in!

On the Journal, Cover story:
‘The Baffler presents a critical, liberal view of politics and culture, alongside short stories, poetry and art, plus daily posts online…’
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