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The Baffler #74

171 x 242 mm, 136 pages
New York, US
Published six times a year
Editor-in-chief: Matthew Shen Goodman
Editor-at-large: Chris Lehmann
Art director and designer: No Ideas

The Baffler publishes cultural analysis, short stories, poems, art and left-wing political criticism six times a year. This latest edition is themed 'Altered States’ and examines the different spheres of drug-taking.

The editor letter writes: "Here in Altered States, John Semley writes on the growing acceptance and commodification of MDMA. Dan Piepenbring finds antecedents for the current vogue for ketamine clinics. Ariel Fischer tours retirees wild for marijuana in their golden years and Donald Morrison details how Oregon never really gave drug decriminalization a fighting chance." Plus many more. 

On the Journal, Cover story:
‘The Baffler presents a critical, liberal view of politics and culture, alongside short stories, poetry and art, plus daily posts online…’
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