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The Funambulist #52

200 x 250 mm, 82 pages
Paris, France (English-language)
Editor-in-chief: Léopold Lambert
Graphic design: Akakir Studio

A magazine concerning the politics of space and bodies, which along with its podcast and blog, is building an archive for anti-colonial, anti-racist, queer, and feminist struggles. 

The 52nd edition of The Funambulist, themed ‘Prison Uprisings’, explores the numerous ways in which incarcerated peoples organise, resist, escape and liberate themselves from arguably ‘one of the most ruthless forms of oppression’. Inside, you'll find stories from Kurdish women in Turkish prisons, the Covid-era revolts in Colombia and insights from former Irish Republican political prisoners into British prisons in the 80s. Plus, reports from South Africa, Palestine, Mexico and a piece on how the Rwandan genocide spread through radio, speeches and magazines. 

What’s the meaning of funambulist, you ask? ‘One who performs on a tightrope or slackrope.’

On the Journal:
At work with Léopold Lambert… ‘Two thirds of our incomes come from subscriptions (annual or monthly, digital only or print and digital), which is really the key point of our ‘business model’ (always a word that sounds odd in the context of an anti-capitalist publication…).’

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