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The Iconomist #3

210 x 280mm, 48 pages
Brazil (English language)
First published in 2022, quarterly
Editor & designer: Romeu Silveira
Publisher: zero-Editions

Taking its name from economist Gilson Schwartz’s 2006 neologism ‘Iconomy’ while also nodding to longstanding news weekly The Economist, this new art magazine questions our relationship with images in this era of image saturation.

Each issue takes a verb as its theme, this one being ‘To catalogue’.

‘All the clichés of the art world are represented, the artist’s studio, the the gallery, the white walls, the compositions, the descriptions…’ The art is accompanied by a selection of texts from Boris Groys, Hito Steyerl, Georges Didi-Huberman, Man Ray. 

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