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The Modernist #45

200 x 200 mm, 64 pages
Manchester, UK
First published 2011
Editor: Ashiya Eastwood
Founding/lead editors: Jack Hale & Eddy Rhead
Design: Trevor Johnson, Craig Johnson, Lily Platt

Published by The Modernist Society, the small-format and currently square-shaped The Modernist (its physicality changes regularly) explores 20th century architecture and design via quarterly, themed-issues. 

This is their sepia-tone 45th issue is themed Municipal: 'This issue is a love letter and a lament for the architecture and design of the state and its structures. At a time when the UK government is ideologically oriented towards a ‘lean state’, it seems relevant to ask, ‘what did the state ever do for us?’

On the cover, a Mary Mitchell-designed custom built mound set with reclaimed cobbles on council built playground.

On the Podcast:
Hear Eddy Rhead discuss the 40th issue of the magazine and their plans for the future.

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