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The Modernist #48

200 x 200 mm, 62 pages
Manchester, UK
First published 2011
Editor: Ashiya Eastwood
Guest editor: Linda Ross
Founding/lead editors: Jack Hale & Eddy Rhead
Design: Trevor Johnson, Craig Johnson, Lily Platt

Published by The Modernist Society, the small-format and currently square-shaped The Modernist (its physicality changes regularly) explores 20th century architecture and design via quarterly, themed-issues. This issue, decked out in red quarter notes, is naturally themed, Music. 

Beyond concert halls in Perth and Manchester, expect working men's clubs, vinyl record player design, the sculptural qualities of sound production, the Moscow Metro on film and more overlaps between sound and space. Because, as guest editor Linda Ross writes: 

'Music is increasingly the product of Modernism. Or is Modernism the product of music? Happily, we don't need to find an answer, but as this issue shows, thinking about it can take us to some incredible places, physically and conceptually.’

On the Podcast:
Hear Eddy Rhead discuss the 40th issue of the magazine and their plans for the future.

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