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The Road to Nowhere #3

207 x 295 mm, 166 pages + 36 page zine
London, UK
First published 2022
Editor-in-chief: Dalia Al-Dujaili
Creative director and designer: Terrayne Brown

Filled with writing and photography from diasporas around the world, The Road to Nowhere celebrates the impact of migration on culture through creativity.’ Recently redesigned, this third issue marks a new direction for the London-based magazine, sporting a fresh logo and a larger format, with a small photo zine included inside.

Inside, there's plenty of visual and editorial appeal—the rich photography is paired with stories from Palestine, Kosovo, Nigeria, Hong Kong and more, centring memory, family history and migration from diasporic perspectives. As editor-in-chief Dalia Al-Dujaili (quite eloquently) explains: 

‘Diaspora creatives have the superpowers of pluralism, with various cultures, languages, traditions and decades of ancestral knowledge at their disposal. We know how to code switch, we understand the subtleties of time and place, we move between languages and customs as fluidly as water... The diaspora is key to unlocking the future potential of culture. Without migration, we are sapped of cultural and creative ingenuity.’

With three covers to choose from, a welcome addition to the magCulture shelves!
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