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Photoworks Annual #30

210 x 260 mm, 176 pages 
London, UK
Annial first published in 1994
Editor: Diane Smyth
Art director: A Practice of Everyday Life
Since 1995, Photoworks has been an international platform (and registered charity) that champions photography for everyone. Each year they release a compendium of photography, and this year's is themed The Thing, exploring ‘how the camera objectifies’ through the work of thirty artists. With its shiny, reflective cover, this edition flips the script on photographer, subject, objectification, and agency:

‘The Thing is an intersectional project that includes works on the environment, colonialism, feminism, class, and gay and disability rights, suggesting a common interest against a commodifying gaze and a technology both shaped by and perpetuating it.’

Featuring images from Eleonora Agostini, Remy Artiges, Vincen Beeckman and La Deviniere, Lucas Blalock, Leah Clements, Juan Covelli, Giana De Dier, Dries and Bieke Depoorter, Odette England, Jermaine Francis and many more.
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