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The World of Interiors, July 2024

216 x 278 mm, 186 pages
London, UK
Editor-in-chief: Hamish Bowles
Editor: Emily Tobin
Founding editor: Min Hogg

Published under its current moniker since being bought by Condé Nast in 1983, The World of Interiors is a chateau among hovels in the land of glossy interiors magazines.

Its fondness for obscurity and unearthing forgotten architectural treasures in around the globe — along with an unabashed ruin fetish — has earned it cult-like status among many who wouldn't ordinarily pick up an interiors magazine.

Despite the luxury advertising and ample dose of villas, manors and modernist rarities, there's always something about the WoI that feels unaffected by the aspirationalism saturating the pages of its peers.

For July 2024—Julius Caesar's month—this is the annual exteriors issue, inviting you to ponder those aesthetic opportunities that stretch out beyond the front door.

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