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This Way Up #2

190 x 260 mm, 166 pages
London, UK
Published intermittently  
First published 2018
Editors: Adam Hunt, Kerrie McCabe
Art Director: Adam Hunt

It's been a wee while, but creativity-forward publication This Way Up is back with a (very shiny) second helping. Championing 'the kind of work people do, not because they’re paid to, but because they want to', this issue is 'loosely based around' the theme Development.

Inside: ‘The internet’s favourite creative, Pablo Rochat [on] why having no filter is a good thing, find out how an AI can help you process your past traumas with Berlin-based neural artist Sofia Crespo, see an honest representation of breast feeding with London-based photographer Sophie Harris-Taylor, and hear from one of design’s modern greats Richard Turley, about scratching your creative itch.’

On the Journal: At work with Adam Hunt:
‘We need more magazines and creative content made by people interested in niche subjects that exist in the fringes of society and culture. The more of that we have, the richer, more interesting and diverse we’ll become, not just as the independent magazine scene, but as thinkers, creatives and people.’
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Limited run of 100 copies. Includes 16-page mini insert dedicated to creative writing.

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