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Tunica #8

230 x 320 mm, 124 pages
New York, USA
Creative director/editor-in-chief: Jose C. Garcia
Arts editor: Carl Curuana
Guest editor: Therese Nguyen

Contemporary art magazine Tunica employs different guest editors and art directors with each edition. The idea is that each issue becomes its own unique project. This edition (their first in a while) is a visual treat. Themed 'Reloaded', Gen-Z imagery, Barbie-esque models and uncanny AI fill its chaotic glossy pages. With four different covers to boot.

To quote a few lines from the issue: 'Science fiction is being invoked. Technology has just been an extension of ourselves beyond our current physical limits. As we grow, we upload our consciousness to the web. Our identities are all enmeshed.' (That's the general vibe, yeah)

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