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Véhicule #2

210 x 270 mm, 160 pages
Publisher: Christopher Kippenberger
Art director: Jo Anna-Flavia Schmidt

'Journal for avant-garde transportation'

Slick and cocksure Véhicule exists to 'fill a gap in transportation journalism'. Ad-free and unapologetically brash, its pages pulse with glittering powerboats, designer yachts, stories of casinos, murder and drug smuggling ...and a sizeable hunk of blank pages deemed 'quality requirements not met' where the intended content has (apparently) been deleted. You get the picture.

Among the above content, a high-gloss feature titled 'How a Rolls-Royce Fucks with Your Brain' begins with the sentence, 'It's hard to tell if the car turns you into an asshole, or if it just brings out the asshole in you.' Discuss.

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