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Wallpaper* #304, August 2024

220 x 300 mm, 162 pages
London, UK 
Editor-in-chief: Bill Prince

‘The stuff that surrounds you’

Wallpaper* covers the cutting edge of design including fashion, art, architecture, lifestyle, fashion, food and travel. 

This issue is titled 'Creative America' led by Wallpaper* US creative director, Michael Reynolds, exploring what is currently making America's heart beat within the art sphere. Also featured is an extraordinary story about the off-grid Earthship community in Taos, New Mexico photographed by Victoria Sambunaris (it is as zany as it sounds!)  

Plus, head to page 112 for an exciting 28-page portfolio, as teased on the cover, of 50 American individuals who are at the forefront of their creative discipline.

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