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Wax Poetics Vol. 2, #6

203 x 255 mm, 148 pages
Brooklyn, New York, US
First published in 2001
Founder and editor-in-chief: Brian DiGenti
Designer: Eric Banta

'A music community for those that dig deeper'

Created by a group of writers and record diggers, this is the cult music mag featuring 'trailblazers, cultures and stories that shape the sounds of yesterday, today, and beyond', following its reader-supported relaunch in 2021, Wax Poetics is back.

Exploring hip-hop, funk, techno, tropicalia, jazz, and beyond, Wax Poetics covers everyone from 'the greats, to the off-beat mavericks, and the scenes in-between.' As they put it, 'whether you’re a record head, or just starting to explore your passion for music, you’ll find something here for you.' 

The newest issue celebrates hip-hop's 50th birthday – an anniversary not without debate, but still worthy of marking. Two cover stories dive deep into the impact and legacy of The Notorious B.I.G. and Super Cat. It's an epic history of Black community, artistic cross pollination, and the energy of a cultural movement proving itself to be more than a fad.

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