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Zweikommasieben #27

230 x 305 mm, 90 pages
Lucerne, Switzerland (English-language)
Editors: Helena Julian, Mathis Neuhaus
Graphic design:DorotheeDahler

Another issue, another format...

The European DJ/clubbing magazine returns with a simpler format following issue 26’s complex make-up. Still smartly designed, the highlight of this issue from a conceptual standpoint is the editor’s letter, which runs in a single line across the top of the first 61 pages, making refernce to this presence as it flows from page to page.

In the issue: Bea1991, Christian Marclay, Divide and Dissolve, Lou Lou Sainsbury, Rike Scheffler and many more artists.

The cover includes a large, embossed ‘27’ not visible in the image here.

On the Journal:
‘We’ve highlighted Swiss club culture mag Zweikommasieben a few times, continually struck by the way it applies a simple aesthetic idea over and over again with ruthless rigour. Like the music it champions, the editorial design is about repetition, rhythm and the gradual build-up…’
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