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The eagle-eyed among you may have spotted a few minor changes here recently. Call it a (late) spring clean. We’ve tried to simplify some of the links, and we’d would like to draw your attention to a few things: our Map project, expanded Shop, and advertising opportunities.

Firstly, the map of London’s magazine stores has morphed into an international map. This is a crowdsourced Google map of our/your favourite magazine stores. Following the addition of Paris’s Palais de Tokyo (thank you whoever did that) it seemed obvious to expand it. Can’t think why we didn’t do so sooner. Feel free to add your favourite stores, they just need to be special in some way – a good range, specialist, or great service. You can edit the map directly via your Google account or email us the details (jeremy [at]

Secondly, the development of our shop continues. We now have three magazines available, and will be adding more gradually over the next few months. When we feature smaller independents we always receive emails asking ‘where can I buy that’, to which our answer will increasingly be ‘here’. We don’t anticipate making much money, it’s just a natural extension to the blog. The idea is to maintain a carefully curated selection of titles rather than develop a large range.

Finally, how about advertising here? This of course is about making money. We have a regular, global, creative audience, and several magazines and services have run highly successful ads here over the past year. Email for further details (advertise [at]

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