Quiet-ish week

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A bit of a quiet week on the blog but a busy work week, including a trip to Barcelona to talk at an event hosted by local customer publisher BPMO (that’s me with a Wired cover above). As always with such events, the preparation helps me remember key points about the day job, in this case just how exciting print design is right now.  Sure, the iPad is pushing digital forward, but at the same time there are many wonderful examples of print design. That was one strand of my talk.

This was further reinforced on my return to find a pile of great magazines waiting for me in the post. There has been so much stuff arriving recently, and I’m very aware that many publications are getting overlooked despite being worthy of attention. The point is, though, it’s great so many new projects are still being launched.

I intend to catch up over the next few weeks before August and holiday time. Stand by for a bit of a rush here.

(thanks to Barbara for the photo)

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