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  • David Michon, For Scale
    At work with:

    David Michon, For Scale

    17 June 2024
    This week we meet editor/writer David Michon, who launched a newsletter, For Scale, about design and decor, in 2022. He has now added a printed broadsheet to expand the project, explaining ‘I don’t believe For Scale is ‘just’ a Substack, I wanted to show that it was more.’ He explains more as he sahres his working week.
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  • HAN #1
    We love queer mags:

    HAN #1

    14 June 2024

    For the second in our Pride-inspired series in which we delve a little deeper into our favourite queer magazines, Danielle takes a retrospective look at the boldly monochrome multidimensional archival platform HÄN, the publication that inspired our ‘We Love Queer Magazines’ event earlier this year.

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  • No One #1, Amsterdam
    We love queer mags:

    No One #1, Amsterdam

    11 June 2024
    For the first in a series of magazine reviews marking Pride month 2024, Danielle introduces No One, a brand new magazine digging into underground queer nightlife and culture one place at a time, starting with its maker’s home city, Amsterdam. ‘It’s armchair travel with a queer twist,’ she concludes.
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