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Akin #2
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Akin #2

The second issue of Akin is structured loosely around ceramics. With Grayson Perry as its point of reference, expect pottery, embroidery, and discussions unpicking notions of ‘femininity’.

Led by editor Alice Daisy Pomfret, who designs the mag in her native Norwich, each issue of Akin set out to be ‘inspired by a different person’, exploring ‘who they were and what they achieved’. This time round, Perry is the starting point for attention to a mix of artists, creators, and gallery-founders – each of them seemingly younger and more accomplished than the last.

Local ceramic designer Rachel Cocker introduces her most recent collection (above), and rather than interviewing the much-interviewed Perry himself, Akin has a conversation with Rachele Terrinoni, the winner of the annual UAL competition to design Perry’s graduation robes (below). The concept serves as an excellent springboard to promote up-and-coming artists working either directly with, or in a similar field to the issues’s figure of inspiration.

Since its 2018 launch via a Kickstarter campaign, Akin has expanded to events taking place in Norwich – a series of ‘How to’ events, orchestrated by Pomfret have proved to be exceptionally popular. The next ‘How to’ will be about ‘making the most of money’, a workshop focusing on the basics of accounting and tax for freelancers. Pomfret has successfully turned their editorial pieces into reality, genuinely hoping to help their readers beyond the pages of the magazine.

Akin brims with optimism and effort, refreshingly transparent in all the places that traditional art press tends to obfuscate. The concept is fantastic too, ensuring longevity – it’s unlikely the team will run out of subjects for their future issues.

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