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magCulture launched as a blog in 2006, and has since developed into a multi-channel business celebrating and promoting all the skills and disciplines that go into making a magazine, including art direction, design, writing, editing and production.

We love magazines!


The magCulture Journal

The Journal is our primary resource, available free online.

Regular posts review the best magazines, interview the people behind them, and share news from the industry. It concentrates on today, with a sprinkling of history and a firm eye on the future.

With the excpetion of some random deletions during an earlier hack, a full archive of 15 years of posts is available to search and read.


The magCulture shop

Since opening in 2015, the magCulture Shop in Clerkenwell, London, has become central to our purpose, establishing itself as a template for the future of magazine retail and becoming what Creative Review described as ‘The spiritual home of independent publishing.’

As magazine specialists ourselves, we understand the care and attention that goes into making the publications we stock, and believe they deserve to be displayed with similar care.

Our gallery-like space, created in collaboration with our friends at Vitsoe,  showcases a selection of over 600 titles from across the world. Visitors are encouraged to linger and browse before buying, and our knowledgeable staff can help and advise.

The same selection is available for worldwide shipping from our online shop. We ship next day to many countries, and also locally within the hour.


We often get asked, ‘Why Clerkenwell?’ There’s no simple answer; we were looking for a specific type of space and we found it at this location.

The area has long been associated with the print industry, and in particular we like the fact that the address is half a mile from where the presses that produced the first publication to adopt the word ‘magazine,’ – The Gentleman’s Magazine, launched in 1731 (above) – were housed: St John’s Gate, a building that still stands today.

Pop-up shops

We regularly organise pop-up shops, using our bespoke ‘magazine spread’ shelf (above). Recently we’ve worked with D&AD, The London Art Book Fair, PPA Scotland, Season Zine and Riposte.


Submit your magazine for sale

If you’d like us to stock your magazine in the Shop, please post a copy to the Shop address in an envelope marked ‘Submission’ and email full details to us:


Group visits

The Shop is also designed for live events; as well as regular after-work talks (see below), we welcome group visits of up to 20 people from universities and other organisations. These take place from 10–11am before the Shop opens; after a brief talk about the magazines we celebrate and a Q&A session, attendees can browse and shop.


Business deliveries

Magazines are inspirational for customers and staff alike, and we’re already supplying magazines on a regular basis to design studios, cafés and shared work spaces in the UK, US and Asia.

Whatever your business, if you would like a regular delivery of magazines email us to find out more.


magCulture events

Our events programme is designed to inspire publishing professionals and encourage newcomers. It’s a vital part of what we do.

Our two magCulture Live conferences – held annually in London and New York – are the only regular creatively-orientated magazine events of any scale, with speakers from both the major mainstream and small independent sectors of publishing sharing their work and experience. 

We also organise smaller talks at our London Shop, and our Flatplan masterclasses have helped many first time publishers develop and launch their magazines.


Design and editorial consultancy

We work with international clients across across print and digital, ranging from hands-on development to creative direction and strategic consultancy.

We are excited by the possibilities of combining print and digital – check the Consultancy section of this site for more details.

As well as design and editorial, we can advise on all elements of publishing: production, distribution, logistics.


The magCulture Podcast

Our podcast offers another angle on magazines, a chance to hear from the magazine makers themselves. Recorded monthly at the magCulture Shop, Jeremy Leslie hosts reviews and interviews with people from across the industry. 

‘We love magazines’ newsletter

Every Friday our email newsletter updates subscribers on everything magCulture, plus special offers and industry news.


The magCulture team

Founder Jeremy Leslie has over 30 years experience of magazine making. He has art directed quarterlies, monthlies and weeklies, and spent the noughties developing award-winning magazines for clients including BSkyB, Nike, Virgin Atlantic and Waitrose at John Brown Publishing.

He has written four books about editorial design, regularly contributes to the creative press and conferences, and continues to consult and design for international clients.

Alongside magCulture, he is consultant creative director at independent publisher Maison Moderne in Luxembourg. He is an awarded member and ex-trustee of D&AD and an elected member of AGI. In 2018 he was awarded the Mark Boxer Award by the British Society of Magazine Editors, given for services to the magazine industry.

His current favourite magazines are The New Yorker, MacGuffin and Civilization. And today, Kindling.

Shop manager Danielle Mustarde (@wordsbydanielle) joined during the Covid summer of 2020. Coming straight out of a senior staff role at longstanding queer magazine, DIVA, Danielle has first-hand experience of what goes on behind-the-scenes at a monthly mag, as well as an (arguably overpriced) MA in Magazine Journalism.

Now freelance, Danielle sought out magCulture as the space in which to grow her knowledge of and love for indie magazines and the communities they create. She also writes for the magCulture Journal and has a regular column, It's This One Thingcovering niche publications. Some mags she’s taken home with her recently include IFLA!, Analog Sea Review and Chutney

Sophie Willison is the newest member of the magCulture Shop team. As well as working at magCulture, Sophie also self publishes Terra Firma magazine, an annual publication dedicated to the collaboration of photography and design. When she’s not doing that, Sophie teaches as a Photography Assistant at a North London school.

Sophie had always dreamed of working in a magazine shop and can’t believe she now gets to spend so much time surrounded by such beautiful publications. Her favourite reads at the moment are Girls Like Us, Flaneur and Ppr Journal