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  • Math #9
    It’s this one thing:

    Math #9

    12 January 2022

    For the sixth edition of ‘It’s This One Thing’ Danielle gets up close and personal with Math magazine, and finds it a more positive experience than her schoolday memories of both maths and sex education lessons led her to expect.

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  • Charlotte Halpern, Profane
    At work with:

    Charlotte Halpern, Profane

    10 January 2022
    Paris-based Profane presents work by amateurs—‘anonymous connoisseurs and artists hidden from official circles’—in a beautifully curated and designed quarterly. Co-founder Charlotte Halpern discusses her week ahead and her magazine’s part in the French indie rennaisance.
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  • The Christmas Cracker 2021
    magCulture events:

    The Christmas Cracker 2021

    20 December 2021

    The raffle tickets have been drawn and the winners are being contacted, but there’s still time to help us support Shelter from the Storm over the rest of December. You can add a donation when you shop online, or simply donate direct via Just Giving.

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