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  • Alexey Brodovitch, Astonısh Me

    Alexey Brodovitch, Astonısh Me

    17 April 2024
    A new exhibition in Philadelphia aims to explain why Alexey Brodovitch, the man who first defined the role of the magazine art director, matters. The accompanying catalogue makes the case in words and design. Kirsty Carter from London studio APFEL, who designed the book, spoke to us about its production.
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  • Rahel Stephanie, Pedas
    At work with:

    Rahel Stephanie, Pedas

    15 April 2024

    On a mission to bring true Indonesian food to the world, Rahel Stephanie runs London’s sell-out supper club Spoons and has just launched a zine, Pedas. A mix of recipes and musings about Rahel’s Jakarta roots, it has been vividly designed to express the spice of the cuisine. She tells us more as she shares her week ahead.


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  • Nicked Journal #1
    Magazine of the Month:

    Nicked Journal #1

    11 April 2024
    It’s always exciting to see a new magazine tackle an overlooked subject, but even better when that magazine does so with a panache that wins over the reader. Our April Magazine of the Month Nicked Journal does just that, covering the day-to-day realities of the British legal system with a refreshing editorial approach.
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