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  • 2023 Christmas Cracker Raffle
    magCulture events:

    2023 Christmas Cracker Raffle

    1 December 2023
    It’s that time again! Enter our annual Christmas Cracker Raffle and support local charity Shelter From the Storm provide emergency overnight shelter every night of the year. There are 12 fabulous prizes donated by our friends and partners to win, with tickets drawn daily from December 7. Get your tickets now!
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  • Kole Fulmine, The BitterSweet Review
    At work with:

    Kole Fulmine, The BitterSweet Review

    27 November 2023
    With magCulture Live over, this morning our weekly At Work With interview returns. The BitterSweet Review is the smartest of one of a series of new queer zines that have launched in the last year or so. Co-founder Kole Fulmine tells us about its development as he shares his working week.
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  • Amalgam #4
    Magazine of the Month:

    Amalgam #4

    15 November 2023
    The latest issue of US magazine Analgam is another brilliantly radical look at the intersection of typography, language and power. Themed ‘Collapse’, it again presents challenging content in challenging but beautiful layouts, making the most of its simple but effective black and white typography.
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