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  • Natassa Pappa, Desired Landscapes
    At work with:

    Natassa Pappa, Desired Landscapes

    24 January 2022

    Pocket-sized mag Desired Landscapes has a unique approach to travel, exploring the visual culture of cities and asking ‘What is a city (now)?’ As founder Natassa Pappa answers our weekly Q&A, she ponders whether a regular Zoom call might be considered a city.

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  • LAW #10
    Magazine of the Month:

    LAW #10

    21 January 2022
    LAW’s sudden return provides a very welcome take on England and the state of Englishness as we struggle with Brexit and the shamelessness of our politicians. We need LAW more than ever, so it’s an ideal choice as first in a new series of Magazines of the Month.
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  • Vestoj #10
    A mag in five pix:

    Vestoj #10

    18 January 2022
    The arrival of a new print issue of Vestoj, the ‘Journal of Sartorial Matters’, is always a joy, and this latest issue is no exception. Although always busy online, the print edition demonstrates how a well-designed, themed set of stories can deliver for the fashion-obsessed and fashion-wary alike.
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