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  • Patrick McGraw, Heavy Traffic
    At work with:

    Patrick McGraw, Heavy Traffic

    20 March 2023
    Patrick McGraw edited and designed the first issue of his fiction magazine Heavy Traffic himself. For the second issue, he teamed up with designer Richard Turley to create a design that uses typography to express the meaning of the words, like concrete poetry. Patrick tells us about his influences as he shares his week ahead.
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  • Like the Wind
    It’s this one thing:

    Like the Wind

    17 March 2023
    For her latest ‘It’s this one thing’ post, Danielle explores the ‘why’ of running, as expressed by Like the Wind. ‘Whether you’ve never run but have always wanted to give it a go or you’ve taken a break and need a little oomph to get yourself back into it, Like the Wind might just help to get you out of the door.’
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  • Oswin Tickler, Artefact
    At work with:

    Oswin Tickler, Artefact

    13 March 2023
    The latest issue of Artefact magazine, produced by journalism students at the London College of Printing, is published this week. Every copy will have a unique cover design courtesy of software developed by its designer Oswin Tickler, who tells us more about the project as he shares his week ahead.
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