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20 (PARA) Seconds #6

165 x 235 mm, 212 pages
Berlin, Germany (English language)
Published since 2020
Editor-in-chief: Daniel Melfi
Art director and design:Matthew Liegghio

Berlin-based experimental music and arts mag 20 Seconds sees itself as a ‘response to the mundane programming’ and ‘sponsored-content-dependent, stock-photo-generated’ content that surrounds us, bringing together artists, DJs, poets, photographers and more to celebrate the more adventurous side of sound. 

This sixth issue marks a new direction for 20 Seconds in the form of a collaboration with ‘non-entity organisation for sound’ PARA, who have curated the issue. Now sporting an experimental, brutalist redesign, it's a visual and glitchy collection of interviews, theoretical writing, photo essays and archival imagery, exploring notions of time, rules and systems, non-linearity, community and performance.

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