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Beauty Papers #4
Out now

Beauty Papers #4

Now on its fourth issue, Beauty Papers explores etiquette, using its trademark bold and playful imagery to look at age-old tropes and broken rules.

Beauty Papers is a biannual magazine that considers the culture of beauty, rethinking oppressive beauty manuals to bring forward a ‘punk antidote to today’s beauty industry’. Helmed by editor-in-chief Maxine Leonard and creative director Valerie Wicks, the magazine was conceived as a way to ‘screw the formula’, and rewrite the beauty rules, which makes their choice of theme, etiquette, particularly tongue-in-cheek.

Highlights include a piece by Jennifer Clement, which looks at the rules of East Village in the 1980s (top), and an analysis by Anabel Cutler of the austere world of debutante balls, from their conception through to their relevance today (above). The topic inspires the photo-series ‘Promenade’ by Horst Diekgerdes (also above), which features bright portraits of girls wearing haute couture, staring blankly into the camera.

The magazine is beautifully curated throughout, from a vivid shoot inspired by Japanese fashion magazine Pichi Lemon (above), to a booklet slotted into the latter half of a magazine entitled ‘A Family Album’, consisting of photographs from Roberto Maffi’s archives (also above).

Elsewhere, there is a focus on hair; an interview with influential hairstylist Odile Gilbert, and a piece by Julia Heita and Rudi Lewis that looks at the role of hair across humanity (above), are both stand-out features in this rich and exciting issue.

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