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Colophon2007 update

Colophon2007 update

A first glimpse of what's planned for next March's Colophon2007 event in Luxembourg.

Friday's Panel Discussion: “The hard sell”
Without readers, no magazine can survive. But traditional media distribution threatens smaller publishers with tight margins and small returns. How can independent magazines reach their target audience without losing money on distribution? Is there another way to get out there? Moderated by Andrew Losowsky

Saturday's Panel Discussion: “Designers vs. Editors”
As design becomes increasingly central to a magazine's success, we ask What defines a magazine's character more – its editorial or its design? How can these two departments get the best from each other? And who should have the final say? Moderated by Jeremy Leslie

Sunday's Panel Discussion: “Audience delivery”
How does an advertiser make the most out of an independent magazine's ability to deliver to a niche audience? How do magazines successfully balance the interests of their readers and advertisers? Our panel discusses the delicate relationship between magazines, their advertisers and their readership. Moderated by Boz Temple-Morris

Further details here.

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