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Editorial Magazine, #15
Out now

Editorial Magazine, #15

I get completely overwhelmed when I see a new issue of Editorial Magazine, the art and fashion title from Montreal edited by Canadian artist Claire Milbrath.

In this time of so many niche publications, there really seems to be a magazine for everyone. If that’s the case, then Editorial is the one for me. When I see new copy in a magazine shop, my hands start trembling like I’ve found something extremely rare. I thumb through every page quickly, and then I start again from the beginning, slowing down the second time. For some reason Editorial Magazine is hard to come by in Europe and it hasn't been stocked regularly in the go-tos, but perhaps that makes it all the more seductive – it’s a real treat when you stumble across it. Though I should note, Antenne Books in the UK and Europe are distributing Editorial now, so it'll be more available from this issue on.


What other magazine has a two-page spread of Froogy Muzzman comics (above) followed by a shoot of unisex and organic Marieyat underwear (also above) followed by an article on naïve art (below) followed by a hilarious guide to “post-Internet etiquette” (which helpfully explains how many xs you should be using when you sign off, below)?





Look at the design of the contents page (above) – its juxtaposition of 6 very images of women along with drop-shadow type and a roll of toilet paper on the left hand side – and you’ll understand what makes Editorial’s aesthetic so specific and intriguing. Also not to be missed: advice column ‘Let’s Talk’ (below), the shoot of cover girl Stella (also below), and an interview with artist Tar R (also below).




I don’t know what would happen if I came across the Limited Edition issue 15, which has the magazine’s featured artwork by Claudia Mate (below) on the cover, and has been designed to look as if it were the front page of home-and-décor title. I would probably hide before any one else had a chance to see it.


If you like Buffalo Zine, Hot & Cool, Mushpit, and Marfa Journal, then you must take a look at Editorial Magazine too.

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