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Eye on Design #6, Utopia
Page 23

Eye on Design #6, Utopia

Our latest page 23 can be found in issue six of Eye on Design, the US magazine of graphic design.

The issue, themed Utopia, is typically as interested in the act of making magazines as it is in the broader issues of design. In this respect the Eye on Design team align themselves with our belief at magCulture that magazines were/are the source of graphic design.

Page 23 contains the opening page of a lengthy interview with the collective behind the zine One of My Kind. We’ve featured OOMK before, and it’s great to see it getting international exposure. The introduction to the interview sets the background to the collective’s community project Rabbit’s Road Press. Writer Anoushka Khandwala describes her first encounter with RRP’s Risograph workshops, ‘Walking in on a Wedensday afternoon is like happening on a secret party…’

The issue is designed using a design template first developed by Will Holder and Stuart Bailey for Metropolis M magazine in 2005. A form of utopia itself, the template was devised to emphasise that a magazine’s identity should be defined by its written content rather than by its layout. I love seeing a magazine working a theme so expressively.

Founder/director: Perrin Drumm
Managing editor: Liz Stinson
Senior editors: Emily Gosling and Meg Miller
Asscoaite editor and art director: Madeleine Morley
Designer: Tala Safié
Guest designer: Na Kim

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