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Holiday update

Holiday update

I’m on holiday for a few days so it’s going to be quite here for the rest of the week. There’s plenty to keep you magCulturally busy though:

• The next Printout takes place in London on July 22, when we look at keeping your magazine going for the long-term courtesy of Colors, Eye and Vice. Buy tickets via Eventbrite.

• Tickets are on sale for this year’s Modern Magazine conference in London, and we’ve just added the following speakers to the line-up:
Peter Houston, blogger and man behind the Magazine Diaries.
Simon Lyle, editor of Hot Rum Cow and new magazine Poppy.
Danny Miller, founder of Little White Lies, revealing his new magazine.
Pekka Toivenen, ‘art dictator’, FAT.
Full line-up here.

• Plus there’s one week left on the Fiera Magazine Kickstarter campaign and we’re about halfway to total. Help us make it real!

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