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magCast 01 — Apartamento

magCast 01 — Apartamento

A couple of weeks ago we sat down with a couple of guests and recorded our first podcast. Kai von Rabenau, the man behind mono.kultur, joined Madeleine in Berlin and Danielle Pender, founder of Riposte, joined me at the magCulture office in London. We hooked up via Skype and recorded the first magCast.

Each episode we’ll take a close up look at a single magazine; this time we discuss the recently released 17th issue of ‘Everyday life interiors magazine’ Apartamento. It’s such a favourite of the indie scene that it sometimes seems to be taken for granted. How has it changed over the 17 issues? What can we learn from its success? What is Martha doing with those grapefruits?

Along the way we hear from our guests about the new issues of both their magazines.

We’re excited to share our conversation, though realistic about the technical flaws in this first episode (listen closely for live background action from the magCulture shop!). It’s a huge learning curve but we’re riding it. Huge thanks to Danielle and Kai for taking part.

Below are some images related to our discussion of Apartamento.


Issue 17 cover


The covers of issue two (left) and 16 (right).


The spines of issue two (on top) and 17.


Martha Stewart and her pair of grapefruits, shot by Terry Richardson.


The shower room sign at Martha's home


Liam Gillick’s Manhattan apartment and its midcentury modern furniture.


Liam Gillick’s jean hang drying in his bathroom.


Max Lamb’s guide to building your own chair, from issue two.

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