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My Favourite Magazine update

My Favourite Magazine update

First of all, thank you to everyone who tweeted, facebooked and generally spread the word about My Favourite Magazine, our project in support of Bob Newman. A big thank you to Creative Review for blogging about it, and The Huffington Post media section for tweeting about it.

An even bigger thank you to the 80+ people who have contributed from around the world. The line-up ranges from the creative directors of some of the world’s biggest magazines to people behind smaller independent titles. They all tell great personal stories about the magazines that inspire them, stories we can’t wait to share. Who chose Colors? Octavo? RayGun? National Geographic?

A special thank you to the people who have offered support in other ways. To PHMedia for taking on the pre-press at no charge and to the Newspaper Club for agreeing a reduced rate to print the magazine, maximizing the money that will go to Bob Newman’s fund in sales. There will also be a digital download option, and, if we can swing it, a limited-edition bonus package as well. More on that later.

While we get busy making the magazine, there’s one more offer we want to share.

My Favourite Magazine will contain unique content from some of the biggest names in modern design, mailed to and downloaded by an affluent, mover-and-shaker community of creatives. If you would like to pay to insert a flyer for your company or service into the envelope, and/or buy an ad space in the digital edition, let us know. This is about raising as much money as possible for Bob and his family. Sounds to us like a feel-good win for any company.

Any questions, let us know. And if you’re scratching your head wondering what we’re on about, read this earlier post.

Meantime, we have a magazine to make.

Andrew and Jeremy

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