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Out now: Delayed, Oh Comely, CA, OK, Carson
Out now

Out now: Delayed, Oh Comely, CA, OK, Carson

It’s catch-up time at magCulture again; here’s a selection of magazines that have arrived here and deserve a nod. Starting up with the latest edition of Delayed Gratification, the slow journalism magazine, with a look back at April, May and June this year.

Issue six of OK Periodical is the boring issue, but they fail in their quest for true boredom. Instead the magazine is another eclectic collection of pictures and texts and the occassional bore pun.

Oh Comely has a new, slightly shorter format. I assume it’s a little cheaper to produce, but being slightly squarer in shape is always a good thing in my view. The issue has lots of great illustration, including a look at the work of Jack Hudson and some redraws of famous movie scenes.

Italian interiors supplement Casamica remains lovely. I wish we had a similarly rich publication with our newspapers here in the UK.

And finally, the second issue of Carson, the magazine launched with much hype about David Carson’s return to editorial design, finally emerged without Carson at the helm. The crossed out name on the cover gives a clue; the website another.

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