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Overmatter 30.04.13

Overmatter 30.04.13

Microsoft puts free wifi into latest issue of Forbes. Nice gimmick, but are Forbes readers in need of free wifi? Perhaps try Big Issue next time?

Congratulations to Richard Turley and his Bloomberg Businessweek team for being named Design Studio of the Year by Creative Review. Includes access to my piece for CR about the BBW Steve Jobs memorial edition.

I already mentioned the Hall of Femmes talks in Stockholm later this month; they’ve added further names including Jennifer Daniel, part of that Businessweek team.

Journalist to relaunch the original feminist magazine Spare Rib.

Monotype present a lunchtime talk about ITC’s typography magazine Upper & Lower Case. May 6, New York.

Brilliant run-through the future of newspapers as imagined by TV, the movies and the industry itself: ‘Newsboy Wears a Neon Sign Lighted by Pocket Battery’.

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