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Print Isn’t Dead #2 launches

Print Isn’t Dead #2 launches

The second issue – or Element 2 as the publishers like it – of Print Isn’t Dead launched last night at the Covent Garden branch of London Graphics Centre. Published by the People of Print collective, the magazine celebrates print design and production. When you’re dealing with such subjects, your design and production has a standard to reach and the issue certainly does that.

In fact there are two editions; the regular one has this smart, flouro magenta and cyan litho printed design (above). Also on sale last night (and still available online at the time of writing) was a limited edition with a screen printed cover design by Heretic. The pages inside are just as richly coloured, offering the very opposite of cool minimalism. White space is at a premium, neon pink and gradiated colours filling the gaps between images and text.

A packed LGC store enjoyed the issue – highlights include an interview with the team behind Unit Editions, a look back at OZ magazine, an overview of the role of Kickstarter in helping mags launch, and (blush) a profile of magCulture – aided by a few beers and a generous 20% discount on graphics supplies.

And coming soon, the same team’s upcoming book, ‘People of Print’, published by Thames & Hudson.

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