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Printout in the Observer

Printout in the Observer

A big thank you to Tom Lamont and The Observer for today’s coverage of Printout. Tickets are still available for the next event on May 2. Read Tom’s piece here.

They also asked me for single-sentence descriptions of five independent magazines currently making their mark on publishing. As that didn’t make it online, here they are:

A petite magazine featuring a single artist/designer each issue, using different print-finishing techniques to reflect its subject.

Boat Magazine
Each issue is about a different city, the editorial team moving to that city and working with local writers and photographers to create it .

Avoiding all reference to big-name kids franchises, the 'happy mag for kids' is the perfect introduction to magazines for a new generation of readers.

Influential interiors magazine exploring the small, personalised living spaces of a generation of apartment-dwellers.

Put A Egg On It
Brooklyn-based zine about people enjoying everyday food as part of their lives rather than as a lifestyle choice.

There’s also a report on Andrew’s 24hour magazine project. That’s him on the left in the picture. And here’s a link to an earlier post about Look-In.

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