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Takahiro Kinoshita, Popeye

Takahiro Kinoshita, Popeye

We’re really excited to be welcoming the Editor-in-chief of Popeye, Takahiro Kinoshita, as a speaker at this year’s ModMag day. He’ll be arriving from Japan to share his monthly magazine and give us a brief introduction to the world of Japanese publishing. We asked him a few questions ahead of the day.

What’s your favourite cover of your magazine?
There are 847 issues published since the launch of Popeye in 1968. It is hard to pick one out. If I have to, I’d say the ones from the eighties when I was a teenager. I was a devoted reader and every single issue is a memorable one for me. Here’s an example from 1985, the issue about hairstyles. The headline was ‘Hairstyle has changed me.’ I still think it’s a nice line, because a hairstyle can change me, instead of me actively changing my hairstyle.

What has been your magazine highlight of 2017?
I would say the book-focused issue. I finally managed to feature Jeremy and magCulture!

What was the one mistake that taught you the most about making magazines?
Unpredictability. I have learnt the fact that my prediction for what can make a good sale isn’t always right. Often, it sells despite my low expectation, and vice versa.

Which other speaker are you most looking forward to hearing at ModMag?
Of course I’m looking forward to everyone’s talk. We once featured Vestoj, so I’m interested to know more about the magazine and hear Anja Aronowsky Cronberg’s talk. They have interviewed designers and authors like Thom Browne, Andy Spade and Glenn O’Brien who we also admire and look up to.

What will you be talking about at ModMag?
I’ll present these three points:
1: About Japanese magazines, book stores and the publication.
2: How Popeye started and our belief.
3: 10 favourite issues out of 66 that I’ve made since I became an Editor-in-chief.

The Modern Magazine 2017
Thursday 2 November (9am to 5.30pm)
Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4RL (map)

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