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AnOther Magazine #46

300 x 230mm, 500+ pages
London, UK
Published since 2001
Editor-in-chief: Susannah Frankel
Group editorial director: Jefferson Hack
Art director: Sarah-Jayne Todd
Fashion directors: Katie Shillingford

Twice-yearly bible AnOther Magazine is part of the Dazed family of publications, and was one of the first magazines to map the ever more complex links between fashion, art and celebrity. 

Editor-in-chief Susannah Frankel details the theme of this first edition for 2024: ‘To reveal. It’s an idea integral to the mechanism of a magazine: the turn of each page is, in a sense, a reveal of a new perspective, a different point of view. So too is the premiere of a film, the opening of an art exhibition, the launch of a new book or the first look at a fashion show—all promise new beginnings, fresh ideas.

“This, then, was a natural thematic for AnOther Magazine–for the Spring/Summer 2024 issue, itself a reveal, the start of a new year.’

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