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BranD #71

222 x 295 mm, 200 pages
Hong Kong, China (English-language)
Editor in chief & design director: Nicole Lo

Each themed edition of BranD showcases brand work and design. An excellent reference publication for anyone working in commercial or brand-based design, as well as those working in graphic design more generally. Plus it often features innovative print finishing techniques.

Though a seemingly minimal all-white cover, closer inspection of the latest issue reveals intricate printing and design including relief text as the base layer, embossed block letters, and a lenticular print (like a multidirectional hologram) all emphasising the same message: ‘Explore the Possibilities of Female Design.’

The power of the double X chromosome is at full force both editorially and aesthetically in this edition. Through history, milestones, possibilities, stories, and balance, BranD features the work from women designers including Charlotte Fiell, Clementine Fiell, Rosmarie Tissi, Lou Benesch, Rikako Nagashima, Stephanie Specht, and more.

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