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Damn #87

206 x 275mm, 210 pages
Gent, Belgium
Editor: Gabrielle Kennedy
Creative director: Siegrid Demyttenaere
Graphic design: Siegrid Demyttenaere

‘Opinions on contemporary culture

Blurring the edges between design, art and architecture, this Springtime anniversary edition of Damn is themed 'All Hail the Provocateurs' and celebrates 20 years of Damn magazine.

'In any era to make a meaningful contribution to the bigger political picture, creatives must be bold — willing to brave the wrath of social media outrage and cancel-culture warriors… to not conform to the mainstream, to polite society, or to any prevailing trend.

'And in our current era as attacks are wielded from both ‘sides’ in the ongoing culture wars, artists must dare — dare to resist, to be rude, to disobey, to be wild, shameless, and even sometimes wrong...'

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