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Errant Journal #6

170 mm x 240 mm, 146 pages (plus poster and bookmark)
Amsterdam, Netherlands
First published in 2020
Editor: Irene de Craen
Graphic designer:  Jan-Pieter Karper

'Wandering but not lost'

The fifth issue of cultural theory mag Errant is themed 'Debt' and explores the ways in which it 'permeates our lives at every level, from the geopolitical, to the personal, moral, and psychological.' 

The team have also included some late-addition pieces which address the ongoing crisis in Palestine writing also that, 'If anything, the process of making this issue of Errant showed that almost any relation can be framed in the language of debt, and that associations with religion, morality, and culpability are endless.'

On the Journal
At work with Irene de Craen: ‘(The magazine) provides me with the ideal form to work on the questions I’ve had for many years. And considering my long term relation with and love for printed matter, it really makes more sense than anything I’ve done before.’
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