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It’s Freezing in LA! #10

175 x 245 mm, 60 pages
London, UK
Biannual, published since 2018
Editor: Martha Dillon
Editorial lead: Jackson Howarth
Art director: Nina Carter
Design: Matthew Lewis

IFLA! has defined a new type of politically engaged indie mag: creatively engaged but intelligently lo-fi, it places environmentalism in the everyday.

This is their first issue back after a short hiatus from regular publishing and following their one-off, special edition which offered a collection of ‘Creative Responses to the Climate Crisis’. Issue 10, a coveted milestone for any printed publication, is themed ‘Plants’ and will also be Martha Dillon's last issue as editor (where to next, Martha?)

Inside, features and gorgeous illustrations explore everything from ‘The Black Histories Hiding in Plants Names’ and ‘Gardens of Desire’, to ‘A Very Victorian Water Crisis’ and ‘Rights for Plants’. It's great to have IFLA! back on our shelves and, for this week at least, in our window too.

On the Journal: 
What’s an easy way someone reading IFLA! can get involved in climate action?
‘Join a local group calling for change. There’s a danger that the momentum around COP is going to fizzle out—don’t let that happen. 100 companies are responsible for 71% of emissions, and 15% of people take 70% of flights. This imbalance still isn't recognised in national and corporate action, so pressure groups have to keep stressing that point. If you work for a big company—is it creating unnecessary products, what materials does it use, who does its actions affect? change...’

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