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Nuts #1

247 x 340 mm, many, many pages
London & New York
Editor/Creative director: Richard Turley
Commissioning editors: Bertie Brandes, Bunny Lampert, Natasha Stagg, Liana Satenstein and Biz Sherbet
Deputy editor: Echo Wu
Design director: Julia Schafer

Nuts is the latest publication from Richard Turley and his Food team—including Bertie Brands, last heard of on Mushpit—and nothing to do with the early noughties lads mag.

An anxiety-inducing mass of monochrome pages of image and texts that seems to be a fashion magazine but clearly isn’t a fashion magazine. No big-name snappers, stylists or models, just a bunch of friends imagining how to make a fashion magazine.

Printed on light, recycled stock with plenty of see-through from page to page. Think a book-format Civilization in pictures.

Very limited numbers available.

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