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Aesthetica #118

215 x 278 mm, 146 pages
York, UK
Editor: Cherie Federico
Designer: Matt Glasby

Produced in the (glorious) north of England, Aesthetica offers a non London-centric view of art, design, photography and general culture. The April/May 2024 issue is themed Abstraction, and opens with the reminder that great technological advances keep us always ‘on,’ sometimes preventing us from enjoying the now

Inside, Kunstmuseum Basel's retrospective exhibition on pioneering light artist Dan Flavin unpacks the artist's memorial themes, Jessica Backhaus strips down photography to its bare essentials, and architecture writer Michael Webb discusses his new publication California Houses.

Plus, featured photographers including Djeneba Aduayom, Olivia Lavergne, John Barbiaux, Vlad Hrynko, Michelle Blancke, and Sarah Doyle, who shot the cover. 

On the Journal:
‘We look for ‘art’ in the broadest sense, featuring works that are both visually engaging and conceptually or culturally important. There are layers to the images and pieces that we publish, all with ties to a rapidly changing world, from the climate crisis to conversations around social justice’ – Kate Simpson, Associate editor.

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