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Archivio #9

230 x 305mm, 200+ pages (with foldout poster)
Turin, Italy (English-language)
Since 2018
Editorial director: Daniela Hamaui
Guest editor-in-chief: Stefano Tonchi
Art direction and graphic design: Alessandro Gori. Laboratorium 
Publisher: Promemoria Group

Each edition of Italian biannual Archivioaspires to bring to light unpublished fragments and extraordinary stories about archives’, bringing together a rich mix of materials, practitioners and institutions from around the world to reflect on the ever-evolving nature of archival practices—a quality reflected in the magazine’s own publishing process:

Archivio is in constant flux, and renewed every four issues. It preserves the name, intent and vision, but changes the editorial staff, design and inspirations, in order to always have new and fresh keys of interpretation. Here begins the next cycle of Archivio: four thematic issues, each edited by a Guest Editor specialized in the field in order to... show you where to look in these vast worlds.

Having previously explored crime, American culture, and each of the decades spanning the 60s to the 90s, this third series begins with the Fashion issue, guest edited by journalist and curator Stefano Tonchi. It’s a beautifully designed, busy piece of print, mixing colourful binder ephemera with varying page widths to achieve a folio-like exploration of what collecting and documenting clothing as cultural artefact looks like today.

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