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Highsnobiety #34

280 x 279 mm, 202 pages
London, UK
First published 2019
Editor-in-chief: Willa Bennett
Art director: Gian Gisiger, Martin Major

As the magazine for global fashion and lifestyle media brand by the same name, Highsnobiety reports from the cutting edge of culture. It keeps its sights on the future of fashion, art, music, and culture innovators. 

The Spring 2024 issue features three cover stars, all representing ‘longevity, impact and relevance’ in their own ways—rapper André 3000, fashion designer Dries Van Noten and (the now makeup-free) model/actor Pamela Anderson. For a taste of what's in store inside, look no further than the somewhat reductive, but fairly accurate table of contents: ‘Jacob Elordi drinking a smoothie (p. 36); Bad Bunny's watches (p. 39); vintage Ralph Lauren ads (p.100); data on your love life (p.128); the lower back tattoo comeback (p.160); Daniel Kaluuya watching TV (p. 174)’ and more.

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