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Notebook #4

210 x 280 mm, 134 pages
New York, US
First published 2022
Editor-in-chief: Daniel Kasman
Deputy editor: Davide Cazzaro
Creative and art director: Pablo Martín

Notebook is a publication dedicated to cinema art and culture, created as an extension of indie cinema streaming platform, MUBI.

Physically, it’s a beautiful thing: with its matt pages, expressive typography and plenty of colourful stills. Along with editor Davide Cazzaro (of Nang magazine), the team behind Notebook hope to celebrate, explore, appreciate and analyse the beauty of film. It’s a lovely addition to our film mag selection.

This shiny fourth issue arrives just in time for the holiday season and is subtitled 'Film is definitely not a "visual medium"', in reference to an essay by sound designer Randy Thom. Inside, the team take a look at—or rather, lend an ear to—the sonic side of film, featuring melodic visualisations, the history of the phonoscène (aka 'a very early precursor to the music video') and the art of narrating and improvising, and a trip to The Foley Lab in County Wicklow, Ireland, where they shot a series of homemade sound props—watermelons for pulling out hearts, hot water bottles for screeching tires and more.

A perfect gift for that film (or audio) buff in your life!

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