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isolarii #1

110mm x 70mm (tiny!), 180 pages
Published 2020
Series editors: Sebastian Clark & India Ennega
Art director: Ben Ganz

A revival of the Renaissance genre of the same name, isolarii – meaning 'island texts' – is a petite publication, each issue of which will focus on a different, stand-alone idea.

This first issue was created by London-based group Cooking Sections. Titled 'Salmon: A Red Herring', it explores the the effects of salmon farming on the Isle of Skye, Scotland, and the surrounding environment.

On the Journal:
'This delightful, tiny publication just arrived in the mail at magCulture HQ. It’s the launch edition of isolarii, a new magazine that will appear every two months and focus on a single idea/text each time...' READ MORE

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