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Current Obsession #8, The Placeholder Issue

240 x 330 mm, loose; four parts (held with cardboard sleeve)
Rotterdam, The Netherlands (English-language)
Co-founder and creative director: Marina Elenskaya
Art direction/design: Linda Beumer, Sepus Noordmans & Anna Hennerdal

'Dedicated to contemporary adornment'

Jewellery is such a popular creative medium, yet there is so little coverage of it in its own right. Current Obsession is the exception, a jewellery magazine and platform linking contemporary makers with those outside the field through print, lectures and exhibitions.

This is their Placeholder issue, exploring 'place-holding significance' while 'jewellery and adornment are examined as metaphoric containers for hidden or "encoded" information, the specific meanings of which have been lost — due to colonialism, displacement of people, suppression of knowledge and spiritual practices.' A total of four chapters make up this loose-bound edition:

Chapter 1. Body as an Intermediary Object
Chapter 2. Critical Multiplicity
Chapter 3. ‘Do you mind if I braid while we talk?’
Chapter 4. Becoming-With

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